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Apollo Thermostatic Asse Mixing Valve, 3Way, 3/8"

Apollo Thermostatic Asse Mixing Valve, 3Way, 3/8"
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Product ID: 19477
Price: $60.00
Availability: 20

Apollo, Conbraco 34D-302-01 Mini-Mixer Mixing Valve.

certified, “point of use” mixing valves are designed to sense and maintain pre-set outlet temperature compensating for fluctuations in hot and cold water supply temperatures and pressures. The mixed water temperature adjustment range is 85°F to 120°F and will hold a desired temperature within ±2°F.

The 34D also features an adjustable temperature limit stop to prevent the valve from being set above 120°F.


• Corrosion resistant bronze body
• 3/8” compression connections
• Elevated temperature thermal element protection
• Chrome plate option
• Can be used with 3/8” braided hose
• Scald protection
• Inlet check valves to prevent cross connection
• Bypass tee option for cold water connections
• Chloramine resistant elastomers
• Hot & cold water failure protection

Disclaimer: These items are from an executive tower in downtown Calgary, and reported to be in like new condition. Sales are subject to consignor approval. All Items are offsite and appointments to view will be made with our onsite person. Full Inventory Purchases or EnBloc orders will take priority over individual orders

Condition: In Box

Usage: Plumbing

Location: Calgary

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