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Omtec Pop Up Ball Transfers Case of 25, Qua Available

Omtec Pop Up Ball Transfers Case of 25, Qua Available
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  • Omtec Pop Up Ball Transfers Case of 25, Qua Available
  • Omtec Pop Up Ball Transfers Case of 25, Qua Available
Product ID: 5957
Price: $200.00
Availability: 12

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25 in each box (Retails @$549)

15 x full boxes

1 x 1/2 box

Mounted Flush in a work surface, The pneumatic Omtec ergonomic Pop Up Ball Transfer will provide for the easy transit and secure placement of any product on the bench.

You are rewarded with immediate smooth travel and a Full 360 Degree orientation followed by immediate secure placement with the release of the air.

Used in inspection benches, assembly workstations, packing stations these units make all bench top, table and rail transfer a simple and controllable operation.

Ideal for assembly lines, packing lines, work cells, shipping lines, packaging lines and production lines.

Can also be used on manufacturing lines with multiple workbenches attached end to end


Virtually any air control device may operate Omtec Pop Up Ball Transfers. In the majority of applications simple non electric foot and hand valves may be used. Sensing device operated electric solenoids valves may also be used.

Omtec Pop Up Ball Transfers like virtually all pneumatically operated components, require Filtered, Regulated and Lubricated compressed air to operate. Omtec has FRL kits, Non-detent foot valve kits and detent toggle hand valve kits available.The regulator should be set at 50 PSI (3.447 bar). Omtec pop up ball transfer units use very low air volume, it is usually not a consideration. Each up and down cycle of one ball uses .00038 cubic feet (.0000108 cubic meter).

Colour: Stainless Steel

Condition: New In Box, Unused

Usage: Packaging, Production, Inspection

Location: Calgary

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