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About Us


The Reason is Calgary’s Only Licensed Complete Selling Solution. 

We incorporate Alternative Marketing Strategies along with brokerage and auction services, both Online & Live, to attain the Maximum Resale Value that can be recovered in today's Volatile Market.  Our intent includes a process that would attempt to recover Fair Market or Maximum Current Value on the majority of items and dispose of the balance by the most viable means. 

Traditionally, Asset from a bankruptcy, receivership or Transition for a company, would be sold by auction in a one time, one chance auction sale of assets.

Often, time Constraints make this the only viable option and the best solution available for a situation. Pricing is then left to chance and at the discretion of those in attendance of the sale.  The principles of an auction require that there be at least 2 interested parties in attendance and willing to bid against the other. A Key factor to a successful auction is that there has to be enough Items of interest at that Auction to make it worthwhile for any decision maker to attend the sale.  

Quite often, Speculators and Resellers are the only ones that bid on items at auction. They will take advantage of sales with low attendance, low interest, or inefficient advertising and capitalize on the opportunity. They will then resell the item, using Direct Sale methods and sometimes achieve Triple Digit Plus Multiples of the auction value. is a Complete Selling Solution that incorporates all manners of sale,  to Achieve the Maximum Disposal Value that can be attained. We provide Complete Project Management from Start to Finish for all situations.


The Bottom Line….


Higher Net Returns with!