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Technogym Excite Series TOP 700 UBE

Technogym Excite Series TOP 700 UBE
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Product ID: 19441
Price: $4,150.00
Availability: 1

Dimensions: 60" L x 25" W x 58" H / (155 x 65 x 149.1 cm)

Technogym Top Excite 700 provides the best cardiovascular upper body training on the market.

By performing upper body rotary training with TOP, users increase fitness, improve muscular strength, endurance and the shape of their upper body.

The rotating handles engage different muscle groups, distributing the load according to the user’s needs and preferences.

Telescopic arms enable use in all positions and at different heights. By varying the length of the arms, users can choose the level of involvement of the torso.

The adjustable hand crank height ensures better comfort and correct posture, as well as a diversified involvement of the different muscle groups.

Forward-backward resistance enables users to achieve a more balanced workout and the complete involvement of all shoulder and torso muscles.

Difficulty levels - 1 - 30
Power Requirements:

110 -240V | AC 50-60Hz Maximum power consumption: 100 VA.
Max User Weight: 397 lbs (180 kg)
Weight: 287 lbs (130 kg)

Condition: Used, Great Shape

Usage: Fitness, Exercise

Location: Calgary

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