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Radio Shack CB Walkie Talkie TRC-235

Radio Shack CB Walkie Talkie TRC-235
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Product ID: 2305
Price: $20.00
Availability: 2

actory-Installed Crystals - let you immediately begin using your TRC-235
                             on Channel 14.

Three-Channel Operation - comes with Channel 14 crystals installed, but 
                          lets you install optional crystals so you can
                          operate the TRC-235 on any two of the other 39
                          available CB channels.

Built-In Modulation Limiter Circuit - automatically adjusts to a variety
                                      of voice levels to ensure a clear

Crystal-Controlled Circuitry - provides accurate and stable channel

Adjustable Squelch - helps to eliminate noise between transmissions.

Telescoping Antenna - provides excellent reception and transmission.

External Antenna Jack - lets you connect an external antenna (not supplied)
                        to your TRC-235 for mobile or base-station use, or
                        to extend the TRC-235's range.

Battery Test Button and Battery Indicator - lets you check the batteries

Power/Charging Jack - lets you power your TRC-235 from an AC or DC power
                      source, so you can use the TRC-235 without draining
                      the batteries.  And, lets you charge nickel-cadmium
                      batteries without removing them from the TRC-235.


Condition: Used


Location: Calgary

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