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Cooper B-Line Cent-R-Rail Cable Wire Tray Systems

Cooper B-Line Cent-R-Rail Cable Wire Tray Systems
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Product ID: 2004
Price: $5.00
Availability: 886

Units are priced per foot

Over 1000 lf of B-Line Cent-R-Rail™ Systems Cable Line Wire Tray Systems.

Single Depth, Double & Triple Stacks available.

Starts at over $12/lf  new.

Details from the manufacturer:

• The fastest cable tray systems to install
• Sides and bottom are open for easy loading and inspection of cables
• Light-weight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction
• Provide the most freedom for cables to enter or exit - perfect for future change
• Cable fill area is free of sharp edges and connection hardware
• The splice can also be used to support the tray
Qwik-Bolt™ splice maximizes installation speed and minimizes hardware
• Clevis hangers are available for random support locations without drilling center rail
• Systems are designed to install with 1/2" ATR

Condition: Used

Usage: Networking, Cable Management

Location: Calgary

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