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BenQ 20" LCD Monitor FP202W Q20W5

BenQ 20" LCD Monitor FP202W Q20W5
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Product ID: 10991
Price: $75.00
Availability: Sold!

Providing enhanced image quality and superior performance, the BenQ FP202W is ideal for PC gamers and multimedia enthusiasts with its ultra-fast response time, startling screen resolution, sharp contrast and Senseye image enhancement technology. The widescreen design enables users to deal with two text pages side-by-side in superior comfort and will display DVD movies and games in their original formats without cropping or compression.

This state-of-the-art monitor is perfect for both home and office usage with its ultra-slim design and tiny footprint freeing up precious desktop space. Incorporating a user-friendly On-Screen Display menu with a hot key for instant switching between analog and digital signal inputs, this monitor provides enhanced versatility and fills a multitude of multimedia needs.

20.1" Widescreen Watch widescreen DVD movies and games in their original format without cropping or compression for maximum immersion and visual impact!
8ms Response Time Featuring an ultra-fast 8ms response time, the BenQ FP202W is ideal for PC gamers and multimedia enthusiasts as it effectively eliminates image blurring and afterimages.
Senseye Image Enhancement Technology The BenQ FP202W monitor features the built-in Senseye IPU (Image Processing Unit) with advanced image enhancement technology to optimize contrast and sharpness resulting in ultimate image clarity and depth. Senseye-based monitors separate color signals and adjust each one individually, thus avoiding distortion and delivering an all-round richer experience.
Dual Input with Hot Key The BENQ FP202W supports both D-Sub and DVI inputs. With the input hot key you can switch between D-Sub and DVI signals with a single touch.

Condition: Used

Usage: Computers

Location: Calgary
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