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Technogym Cardio Wave 700

Technogym Cardio Wave 700
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Product ID: 19455
Price: $3,100.00
Availability: 1

Technogym Cardio Wave is the only cardiovascular equipment that engages the user on three different planes of movement simultaneously; extension, abduction and external rotation.

This unique, multidimensional workout enables you to appeal to and engage a broader range of customers with a variety of fitness goals.

It delivers the results that fitness seekers are looking for, a high calorie workout that strengthens the glutes and lower limbs while focusing on the core stabilizer muscles, a full body coordination in three dimensions that is a safe, non-impacting routine

With its unique biomechanical features, Cardio Wave delivers natural, effective and safe movements

Required 220V Power Supply

Condition: Used, Great Condition

Usage: Fitness, Exercise

Location: Calgary

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