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Fitterfirst Foam Rollers

Fitterfirst Foam Rollers
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  • Fitterfirst Foam Rollers
  • Fitterfirst Foam Rollers
Product ID: 19658
Price: $35.00
Availability: 7

Listing does not include the storage rack, however one is available for $50

Dimensions: 6" round x 36" long

The Fitterfirst Foam Roller is the ideal roller for anyone looking to incorporate foam rolling into their exercise routine.

Foam rollers help improve flexibility and stability through myofascial release and increase core strength and stability.

Great for rolling out the IT bands, back or anywhere else your muscles are tight and restricting movement.

Disclaimer: Items may not be exactly as shown. Images are not of the exact unit and may vary in color. All listings were created from file photos. These items are from an executive tower in downtown Calgary, and reported to be in like new condition. Actual viewing is available subject to purchase. Sales are subject to consignor approval. All Items are offsite and appointments to view will be made with our onsite person. Full Inventory Purchases or EnBloc orders will take priority over individual orders

Colour: Blue

Condition: Used, Great Shape

Usage: Fitness, Exercise

Location: Calgary

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