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45 x 60 Rectangular Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

45 x 60 Rectangular Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors
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Product ID: 14811
Price: $120.00
Availability: 1

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45 x 60 in.

Protect office flooring from scratches and scuffs. Extends the life of hardwood and tile floors by providing a lightly textured, durable surface for rolling office chairs.

Incredibly tough polycarbonate. The ultimate in quality, clarity and durability.
Will not crack, curl, discolour or smell.
A lightly textured finish provides a perfect easy glide surface for maximum ergonomic benefits.
Clear formulation allows the beauty of your flooring to show through.
Smooth back for use on hardwood and tile floors.

Condition: Used

Usage: Home, Office, Chairs and Seating

Location: Calgary

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